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COMING SOON! With Backup Excel Elite you can Buy it for only $2030 Day No Hassle Money Back Guaranteeeasily, instantly, backup and protect the file you’re working on - with one click!

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Backup Excel Elite toolbar with backup and options buttons
Backup Excel One-Click Toolbar

One-click-to-backup toolbar sits on top of all the Excel® windows you open.


Protect against losing files due to power failure, network issues, accidental deleting, file corruption & program crashes.


Portable.  Use Backup Excel Elite on every computer you use. No installation required.


Informative messages assure you that your backups are happening as planned.


Rapidly add a backup with notes.

Quickly make a backup with note  

Optional buttons open related folders.

Buttons open related folders
One-click-backup bar with full options
Five minute quick setup

5 minute set-up. Just run the program (no installation) and it will work right away.

Safety against malicious changes

Guard against malicious or incompetent changes to your shared files. Keep your backup copy safe.

Flexibility to go back to old versions

Flexibility and freedom to change, test and revert. Easily go back to earlier or different version of your work.

Extra protection against serious failure

Extra protection. Optional easy extra set-up to use a removable harddisc or memory stick. Protects against even the most serious computer failure.

Checked and secure

Secure. To be sure, the program is tested with 43 virus checkers before release.

If you spend a lot of time using Excel - then Backup Excel Elite has been designed for you! It acts like a safety net for your hours of work - freeing you from the worry and stress of lost files and computer crashes.

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